SIMBRO SimBrake 125mm Adapter DUO Pack

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The SIMBRO SimBrake 125mm Adapter Duo Pack is the most innovative and sustainable braking system for inline skates.

It’s unique, easy to use and surprisingly effective in braking performance.



The SIMBRO SimBrake 125mm DUO Pack contains two of our innovative and sustainable brakes for inline skates, already installed in an adapter including high quality 125mm wheels.

It’s unique, easy to use and surprisingly effective in braking performance. The modern brake roller for inline skates is not only convincing in terms of application and performance, but also with a timeless and cool design!

Best of all: thanks to our SimBrakes, feelings like fear and insecurity are quickly a thing of the past. With our SimBrakes braking is easier than ever before. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s on a straight route, on cobblestones, or downhill.

In addition, we at SimBro Wheels have made it our mission to make inline skating more attractive than ever through innovative products. At SimBrake, the following three main aspects are innovatively improved:


According to studies, 7 out of 10 inline skaters find it very difficult, safe and stable to brake. Because of this, many stop inline skating before they even really start. This gave rise to the basic idea of ​​using an intelligent braking mechanism to make braking significantly easier for us inline skaters. Thanks to our SimBrake, fear of slopes, hills and descents of all kinds is a thing of the past! Because with the SimBrakes braking on inline skates is easier than ever before.

And the cool side effect, the annoying heel brake, as well as the increased roller wear due to other braking methods are a thing of the past!

The SimBrake was born!

Recommended and suitable for a wide range of inline skates from the Powerslide, Rollerblade and K2 brands.

You can find out here whether your dream SimBrake is also suitable for your inline skate!

Scope of delivery of the SIMBRO SimBrake 125 mm Adapter DUO Pack
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The SIMBRO SimBrake 125mm DUO Pack including 125mm adapter contains the following components:

2 x SIMBRO SimBrake
2 x high performance 125mm adapters
2 x Original Wheels 125mm (A85)
1x assembly kit

How to find your size
If you don’t know which maximum roller size fits your rail, you can usually find this information on your rail. If you cannot find this information, you can usually find it on the Internet with the help of the product name. However, if you cannot find any information about your rail, then use the following rule of thumb: The smallest distance from the center of the axis hole of the rail to the upper frame of the rail, or shoe multiplied by two.

Example: The smallest distance from the axis to your shoe is 40.0 mm. So the maximum mountable roll size would be:
40.0 mm * 2 = 80 mm.

Product details
Further product information about the SIMBRO SimBrake 110mm Duo Pack can be found under the tab “Additional information”. There you will also find all the important specifications. These include e.g. Information on the material used, as well as videos and other content about the product.

Additional information

Marke | Brand

Verkaufseinheit/ Sales Unit

2 x Stück SIMBRO Adapter 125mm inclusive 2 x SIMBRO Wheels

Größe Adapter ( Wheels) | Size


Farbe | Color


Empfohlen für | Recommended for

, ,

Gewicht Adapter | Weight Adapter

125mm =2 x 18 g

Gewicht / Weight Adapter Wheels

125 mm = 163 g

Rollen | Wheels

, , ,

Rollenhärte | Wheel hardness


Für welche Marke? for which brand

Powerslide, Rollerblade, K2