Simbro Wheels

Simbro Wheels has set itself the task of making inline skating as attractive as ever with innovative SimX products!

Simbro Wheels

We attach great importance to the following three main aspects!

  • safety
  • fun
  • comfort

According to studies, it falls 7 out of 10 inline skaters
very hard, safe and stable, to brake

That’s why many people stop inline skating
before they even started properly

This gave rise to the basic idea of ​​making braking easier for us inline skaters thanks to an intelligent braking mechanism.

Thanks to Simbro, the fear of inclines, hills and downhills of all kinds is a thing of the past! Because Simbro’s SimBrakes make braking on inline skates easier than ever before.Getting started as a beginner and having fun as an advanced and professional is as high as never before!

The modern brake roller for inline skates convinces not only in the application and performance, but also with a timeless and cool design

But best of all, feelings like fear and uncertainty are a thing of the past, thanks to the SimBrakes from Simbro.

And thanks to the SimBrake, the SimPlow and the SimTurn, the cool side effect, the annoying heel brake, as well as the increased roller wear due to other braking methods are a thing of the past!

Because from now on, you are definitely on your wheels and braking in any situation is a breeze, no matter if beginner or professional!

The birth of the SimBrake has struck

The SimBrake at 2 MIN 2 MIO – The Austrian edition of the Shark Tank Show

Simbro Wheels Die Story 2Minuten 2Millionen (c) Gerry Frank
Simbro Wheels Die Story 2Minuten 2Millionen (c) Gerry Frank