Advantages of the SimBrake from Simbro

Top benefits

  • More safety when skating!
    Due to the stable posture and the two-legged load a safe and fearless braking is possible!

  • SKATE like a PRO
    Increase your SKATE SKILLS with your SIMBRAKE!

  • Very good handling on gradients
    Thanks to the SIMBRAKE brakes, you can dose the speed when going downhill very well and also reduce it!

  • Top product from Austria
    Österreichische Ingenieurskunst garantiert TOP Qualität!

  • Speed Control
    Even at high speeds, the SIMBRAKE is very good to trade!

  • Longevity of the brake & sustainability in the roles
    The brakes are durable and with a necessary brake roller change you only have to replace the rollers and not the whole brake!

  • More fun while skating
    The improved maneuverability tremendously reduces the anxiety. Of course, this significantly increases the fun factor!

  • Direkter Vertrieb
    We developed and built your BRAKES. We know every detail and are your constant contact in all situations!

  • Cool design – no attachments
    No prejudices for novice drivers!

  • More balance
    Better balance in a STOP by both sides mounted brake elements!

  • Cam braking possible
    With the brake, a curve braking is possible!

  • Skates for children
    We also equip children skates from roll size 76mm with our brakes!